Program Outcome

PO1. Pharmacy Knowledge:
Graduates will possess core and basic knowledge associated with the pharmaceutical and allied sciences.
PO2. Planning Abilities:
Graduates will demonstrate effective planning abilities and skills for professional achievements.
PO3. Problem analysis:
Graduates will acquire problem solving approach during daily practice.
PO4. Modern tool usage:
Graduates will learn appropriate use of modern pharmacy-related computing tools.
PO5. Leadership skills:
Graduates will develop professional and social leadership skills as responsible citizen to facilitate improvement in health and well-being.
PO6. Professional Identity:
Graduates will understand, analyze and communicate the value of their professional roles in society.
PO7. Pharmaceutical Ethics:
Graduates will honour personal values and apply ethical principles in professional and social contexts.
PO8. Communication:
Graduates will develop effective communication abilities for community and professional interface.
PO9. The Pharmacist and society:
Graduates will apply reasoning by the contextual knowledge and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional pharmacy practice.
PO10. Environment and sustainability:
Graduates will understand the impact of the professional pharmacy solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the importance of sustainable development.
PO11. Life-long learning:
Graduates will acquire ability to engage in life-long learning of revolution in technology with self-assessment through feedback analysis.