Pharm. D. – V

On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to

5.1 Clinical research

  1. Understands development of new drug process
  2. Overview of regulatory environment in USA, Europe and India for clinical trial
  3. Know Safety monitoring in clinical trials.
  4. Appreciate and conduct the clinical trial activities
  5. Manage the trial coordination process

5.2 Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics

  1. Know medication adherence measurement
  2. understand Measurement of risk, attributable risk and relative risk, time-risk relationship and odds ratio
  3. Use Software and case studies
  4. Studies of vaccine safety, hospital pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology and risk management, drug induced birth defects
  5. Summarize Concept of risk in pharmacoepidemiology ( Measurement of risk, attributable risk and relative risk, time-risk relationship and odds ratio)

5.3 Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacotherapeutics Drug Monitoring

  1. Understand therapeutic drug monitoring
  2. Know General approach for dosage adjustment in avrious disorders
  3. Know Pharmacogenetics & drug polymorphism
  4. Analysis of Population pharmacokinetic Data.
  5. Design of dosage regimens for pediatric , geriatric & obese patient

5.4 Clerkship

  1. Manage information, develop technical reports and make presentations
  2. Build, Manage and Lead a team to successfully complete a project and communicate across teams and organizations to achieve professional objectives
  3. Develop the skills in data collection, analysis, reporting and interpretation in the area of community, hospital and clinical pharmacy using suitable bio statistical method

5.5 Project work

  1. Provide drug and poison information services to deliver unbiased, well-referenced and critically evaluated, up-to-date information on all aspects of drug use to the physicians for proper prescription
  2. Monitor, report and manage adverse drug reactions to avoid undesirable effects
  3. Provide patient counseling services for a safe and effective drug therapy
  4. Pursue research in clinical pharmacy related areas to improve health outcomes
  5. Perform drug utilization reviews and pharmacoeconomic analysis for better therapeutic effectiveness and for reducing health care costs