Best Practices

Practice 4


The students admitted to Government college of Pharmacy as per their eligibility may get scholarships from state government as well as Central government. The applications for these scholarships are to be made either offline or online mode as per the directives. In 2020-21, with lockdown, many of these scholarship applications were to be made online. Moreover the newly admitted students of B.Pharm. and Pharm. D. even though aware, were not thorough in the possibilities of different scholarships. These includes scholarshiips from state government as Shikshan Shulka Shishyavrutti Yojna (EBC), Vastigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna, Post Matric Scholarships, Tuition Fees and Examination Fees waiver, Maintenance Allowance, Scholarship for minority community students and so on from state government. Similar scholarships are offered by Central government also to eligible students. However, only one scholarship can be availed by the student at a time. So it is very important for the students to be aware of facilities of these scholarships and choose accordingly. Hence, the college practices a method to inform them about these scholarships help them to apply it and pursue the matter so that no eligible student is deprived of the facility.

The Practice

• At the time of admission students are provided with the list of scholarships available along with websites to visit to understand the type of scholarship and facilities available in it.

• When student registers himself/herself for the admission in the college, they are advised to meet the in-charge faculty for SC/ST/OBC/Minority committees of the students constituted in the college. They also counsel the students in this regard and help them in choosing the appropriate scholarship.

• The whatsapp group/s of all the students is formed so that the notifications regarding the application submission date, the documents needed and be kept ready in soft copies for uploading or submission can be disseminated.

• The class teachers are given the responsibility to see to the submission of applications with required documents by all the eligible students in the stipulated time. These teachers also provide the students assistance if they face any difficulty in doing so.

• In case of offline form submission, the class teachers and other assigned teachers verify the forms before submission so that it would not be rejected on ground of some deficiency and further processes will go on smoothly.

• Students are asked to report the status of their scholarship receipt.


• All the students become aware of an array of scholarships available

• The well informed students and the parents become the ambassador for the schemes of scholarship and spread the information by word of mouth.

• First-hand information from the candidate who is benefited from the schemes give their acquaintances and others to encourage their wards for higher studies even when restricted financial condition otherwise would have not allowed them to do so.

• All the eligible students get the scholarship.

• The students appreciate the efforts taken by welfare state for the well-being of citizens. They also become aware about their duties as a citizen in future.

Evidence of Success

• The maximum of the students of the college are recipient of one or the other scholarships.

• The parents inform that with sharing of financial burden by the government in the form of scholarships, they could think of educating others in the family.

• The social status of the student is upgraded as the recipient of the scholarship that serves as a motivating factor for the student himself and the source of inspiration to others in the immediate society.

Challenging issues

• To keep up with the very pressing deadlines of the submission of forms

• The inertia of the students even when they are going to be beneficiary of schemes

• To make the students understand why they cannot get benefits of more than one scholarship simultaneously.

Resources Required

• Good network and data availability for online mode especially if the students are not in college premises